Solution Center Install Help

Altiris has targeted specific Lifecycle management needs and combined various solutions into suites to more acurately target those needs.

To help guide you to where suites and solutions are found, the Solution Center is organized into categories based on the segments shown to the right. Additional categories for Connectors, Partners solutions and Operating System have also been added.

Within the Solution Center, simply click any category to expand it to get the list of all the suites and solutions within that category, as illustrated below. If you're not sure what category your solution is in, simply click on the Point Solutions category to get a full listing.

Once you've located the suite or solution you're looking for, simply click on the link, and then click Start. The solution will automatically download and install into your Altiris Console.

Once a solution is installed, you will have 7 days to before you need to obtain/install an evalution license or product license. Click on the Configuration tab at the top of your Altiris Console and then select Licensing from the items at the left to check on your license status, register and request an evaluation license, or to install a new license.

You can access product documentation from within the Altiris Console by clicking the icon in the top right corner.

Thank you for choosing Altiris as your manageability solutions provider and if you have any other technical questions, feel free to contact Altiris Technical Support.